Numbers for You

Three is for the words I always like
to do hear from you; “I love you”

Four is for the lone thing I e’er
ask of you; “Stay with me forever”

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Born For Greatness Quotes: Quote 1

Maybe you might find my words useful, so I present to you Born For Greatness Quotes, a series of motivational/inspirational quotes from my works to be shared every Sunday. I’ve just thought of doing this now, literally…yes, really, just now.


the quote as posted on Instagram

 “If there’s dryness in your life struggle hard to see the dark cloud…then sit back and relax, very soon it’ll rain”


This quote is from ‘Born For Greatness’, my 2012 poem that I turned into a song in 2014 (and it is from that very song that I derive the name of this series). You can google ‘TyphusBars’ to stream and/or download the song on SoundCloud and on other music websites.

Thats it, Really.


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