A Happy Look at 2018, Hello 2019!

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Why Be In Love?


With the protectiveness

Of a ghetto tortoise, I inexorably

Warded my lush heart, till from heaven you

Unexpectedly flew down, unthawing my carapace

Red Heart Diaries: Falling’

Many a time have I sat down with friends, both male and female, and discussed whether being in love is necessary or not. The question under discussion has always been “Why don’t people think it proper to be in love?”

My findings have been that most people think being in love is stupid, or pointless as The Weeknd mentions in “Tell Your Friends”. I’m always of the view that being in love is the best thing out here. Why? Read on. I hope this brief post will benefit someone who has negative views on love as those forementioned.

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The Angel Vs The Demon


Say there’s a guy who seems to move on faster like a rocket. He’s the kind that says that he never really cares when she leaves! He’s the kind you see posting on social networks and going out with friends and we say “damn, he really doesn’t care about the breakup”. He’s the one people lebel as cold hearted. He’s the one who just…doesn’t care. It’s all “whatever” with him.

But the unexpected truth is that…

he’s the one who cares the most!

When it comes to matters of the heart, fake things often look brighter to hide the reality. On the other hand, original things often look a little or more dimmer. It is the person who seems not to care that really cares the most.

So why acting as if they don’t care?

Why acting as if their lives are better without us?

The answer is as simple as getting money is to Bill Gates. He can’t bear the thought of you being at peace with the way the situation is. He wants to tell you that he’s happy and fine. He wants to tell you that he’s alright.


Deep down his heart runneth deep tears. He’s dying from wanting you to see that he cares.

Just that he can’t openly say that (which is also a problem)

He’s protective of his heart. He builds walls as high as my door knob is to Peter Dinklage. He makes sure he masks his insecure self.

Is this about love only?


It’s about any situation.

“Oh she has such a caring heart for the guy-now-turned-into-a-monster who doesn’t care!”

Really? Is that what you see?


This is the guy who’s always been there for her, right? This is the guy who’s shown her out to people in public without exaggerating it, right?  This is the same guy who’s always loved her dearly, right? So he doesn’t care? Really?

There’s an angel inside the demon you see.

So this I say unto you; the people who you may think don’t care are the ones who care the most!

Ain’t judging.

That’s it, really.


Photo Credit: Sabaku No Gaara

Source: DeviantArt

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