A Happy Look at 2018, Hello 2019!

On 31 December, 2017 I outlined eight what-could-be-termed-as advices for us to follow as we delved into 2018. I know you’ve forgotten them, maybe you missed them, maybe you had not yet come across this site, well, worry not! Click here to quickly go through them!

a grateful heart is a magnet for wonderful things

This post is kind of long, yes, because this is important! What is 5 minutes or less to something that is the very core of your happier life (remembering your blessings)?

We have handy hours to plunge ourselves into 2019, and so, this time, let’s look back at the wonderful things that have happened to us. Count your blessings, what great things have happened to you this year? Remember you owe your life this essential: gratefulness. Do I even have to say why? You already know a grateful heart is a magnet for wonderful things. What are you grateful for?

First of all, if you are reading this then I take it that you are alive. That’s the greatest of blessings you should always remember. Without being alive, could anything that you have been blessed with be there? You are and you will witness blessings because, firstly, you are blessed with life, so there there! We have been blessed to see 2018 till now.

you are not a failure till you say it to yourself!

Have you been blessed with the courage to go after your life’s desires? Have you pursued that dream, turning it into a goal? Have you finally found the perfect partner? Have you gotten that job? A raise maybe? Have you passed those exams? Have you been accepted to do that other wonderful thing you applied for? Is your family still intact? You have married? You have had a child? You have made a new friend?

There are all kinds of blessings that you have attracted without even noticing. List them down! Smile! You are distinct! You are favored. You are special. You are amazing. You are strong. You have all the reasons to be happy now! So what you ‘failed’? So what you ‘lost’ something? So what you stumbled upon some ‘unfortunate’ situation? You learned something from it, that is a fucking blessing! You got to know the ways that work and those that do not (yet). You tried! You took a step! You had the guts! You are okay, you cannot give up, you are not a failure till you say it to yourself!

there is nothing you are blessed with that is ‘small’

As for me, I graduated with a credit degree, my dissertation earned a 90% distinction making me the first out of 88 English majors. I earned a 77% distinction in teaching internships making me the eighth out of 185 teachers. I added another year. I started some new habits (running, meditating) to improve my health. I made new friends. I have been blessed to speak to you in 2018. All these, and more, are things I count as 2018 blessings! The moral: there is nothing you are blessed with that is ‘small’. So count yours!

In closing, if you have been blessed so in 2018, why can 2019 not be good? There is no room for backsliding in 2019, only forging ahead. Tell yourself this every single hour that remains and most importantly, enjoy now, in this moment, in this very second. Remember your happiness is not in the future or left in the past, it is in this very second. You are alright, you are blessed, I love you.

I really would love to hear from you, how have you been blessed in 2018? Tell me in the comment box, let’s talk about it!


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That’s It, Really.


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