A Cupful of Action to Your Faith


Do not just hope for great things, act towards achieving them for faith alone cannot do.

That’s some quote that was pasted on my friend’s wall in college…well, a version of it I guess. I’ve looked at this quote for two years but it never rang in me that it would be a perfect opener for one of my posts. Well, now it is!

In Motivate Yourself and Hush Inner Critic, Hush!, I somehow hinted on the necessity of acting towards your dreams or goals, whatever you term them. This is just some post that explains that in some details.

You have heard, read and said that ‘dreams don’t work unless you do’ in your life. You have known the necessity of taking action for those dreams you have to come true. Yet here you might be, needing a little drop of motivation to get into action.

“The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary” – Vidal Sassoon

Unless you are Jesus, nothing will happen if you don’t work for it. What I mean is that miracles don’t just happen. You have to relentlessly work hard whilst keeping the faith. You don’t get good grades by just having faith, you ought to study. You don’t just get customers for your merchandise whilst not advertising or seeking customers, you have to do that to get them. So this is nothing new, it’s just a reminder.

Have faith but then add some work to that faith. If you want to be successful in your undertakings you always have to remember that “the only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary” as Vidal Sassoon adroitly put it.

These two go together, all work without hope, faith, is utterly useless! Why? Because hope creates the right energy for you to pursue your dreams. It energizes you to work hard. Hey, believe it or not, what you think about persists.

“I don’t have to see the whole road for me to walk through the dark”

I can never be a great businessman when I lack faith, or rather that belief that I can do it. Why? Because all energy flows from that! I can only be determined if I believe that it’s possible to get what I want.

Sure the road gets blurry sometimes but I don’t have to see the whole road for me to walk through the dark, do I? Just the next step is great if I believe that with it I’ll be getting nearer my destination.

So believe that you are going to do it but always remember that it won’t happen unless you work for it. That’s simply how things work. That’s simply how things have always worked. That’s simply how things shall always work!

Even the Bible itself has lectured on this numerous times. Remember Naaman had to bathe seven times in Jordan River for him to heal from epilepsy. He believed that God would heal him and God gave him a task for his wish to come true.

Don’t procrastinate. Don’t be lazy. Don’t hate to work! You can never achieve anything by faith alone! You have to work too. Work signals you believe. Believe then get busy. Real faith is shown through action.

It’s that simple. You can do it if you just add a cupful of action to your faith. Start now, your happiness is mine too.


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That’s It, Really.


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