Essentials for a Happier Life: IV. Let Go of the Past, Live Now.

I strongly think believe there is nobody out here who enjoys dwelling on their past misfortunes, mistakes or failures…no-bo-dy. There is a simple reason as to why such a habit is not enjoyable: it robs one off of the preciousness of their present. Simple. This post will be as brief as a yawn as it simply but deeply highlights this assertion.

“Holding on to your unhappy past robs you off of the preciousness of your present”

Many a time do we find ourselves incarcerated in the bad things of the past. This is common in many people as we are a product of our pasts in one one way or the other. One simple reason why we find ourselves in such a state is because of our fear of the past mistakes coming back to life. We give the past the power to dictate our ‘now’ when we do this for we remain stagnant and go through the same emotions we experienced because of our mistakes, misfortunes or failures over and over again. Thus we let the present pass us by

The past rules our present through a number of ways, the primary one being the fact that we always connect our present issues with the bad past. What I’m trying to say here is that if you are a singer, for instance, you fail to try or do something that you tried or did and didn’t work out in your past life because you are afraid of circumstances repeating themselves. It is good to be cautious sometimes but then are we to let the present pass us by because we are cautious of what will happen? Are we to not take a risk because we have tried and failed things didn’t work out before? Obviously no!

“There is a reason why time will never move backwards. There is a reason why a normal clock will never go anti-clockwise.”

There is a reason why the past is meant to be in the past – because that is solely where it belongs; in the past. You cannot fully live in the present if you neglect the preciousness of this minute for the fear of the past repeating itself. You are supposed to derive lessons from your past and not dwell in it. Fear is a mere construct that will never come to fruition if you brush it aside! Live in the present, in this moment, this minute, this very second!

Verily verily I say to you; you can never live a happier life if you do not let go of the past. Be courageous enough to make some freaking mistakes for God’s sake! You only live once, are you going to spend your life shying away from your present? How good is a life that is spent not taking risks? Life itself is a risk, why do you want it to be otherwise? Leave the past where it belongs…just LIVE.

“Fear is a mere construct that will never come to fruition if you brush it aside”

Every precious thing faces hurdles else it would not be precious. A love purified through struggles shines the brightest. A success earned after passing through raging storms tastes the sweetest. Nothing great comes on a silver platter. Let go of the fears of the past and live in the present. If it is precious to you, you don’t have to give it up. If it doesn’t work out today, try again until it works without looking at the past misfortunes. Be strong enough to let the past go and see the possibility of things working out now.

To wrap up, all I’m trying to say is that a life spent dwelling on the past is not well lived. Do not let your positive outlook on things fade away because something bad happened in the past. Let the past go, life is but an adventure and you will never endeavor on it if you are stuck in the past. Love who and what you love without second guessing. Do what you feel like doing without fearing what went wrong in the past. Learn from the bad past, but let it go and take a risk and live in the precious present.

Always remember that I want you to live a happier life.

The fourth installment in Essentials For A Happier Life. Make sure you read the other installments. Much love!

That’s It, Really.


© Victor Zuze Davies 2018
All Rights Reserved.



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