Essentials For A Happier Life: III. Cut Off The Valueless (Part Two)

Like I said last Friday, today we unveil the second category of what should be regarded as pointless things; things that rob you off of your precious time and energy. You can never succeed in life if lots of your time is spent on valueless things hence this second part of this third essential focuses on the behavioural part of the valueless:

  1. Time Consuming Habits and Bad Addictions

Time consuming habits and bad addictions have a sole thing in common: they lead you nowhere. Consider all the television you watch. Does it all motivate you to do better? Does it get you into action or make you idle? Is it really that entertaining to the point that you forsake the things that matter – your passions – like say writing, doing music, playing sports? Does it all inspire you to get on your feet and pursue your dreams? If the answers do not lead you to your vision of an ideal life then pray consider such a habit.

“why do you let yourself not struggle for the ideal?”

There is so much provided for you to watch to the extent that when you fall into its trap, you end up neglecting the things that make you a complete individual. We all have roles to play on earth, what is yours? One of the most important questions you ought to ask yourself is “What am I going to do with my life?” I really hope there’s nobody out here who wants to live butt prints in the sands of time. You can never go far with your ideals when you spend your precious time watching and listening to things that push you no farther. It is good to cozy up and enjoy some television but the problem comes in when you make that the pivotal thing in your life. If your life is a series of television shows what do you think you are going to accomplish in life? My sentiments exactly.

Television you watch just for the heck of it without learning anything new and helpful is useless. You only have a single life to live and I’m sure you don’t want to spend it as a couch potato. Go into the world, explore your abilities and leave a mark on this world – nothing completes life better.

“You cannot live a happier life when you spend it being another version of you than your real self”

So how about we jump to bad addictions? It’s no question that you know that being addicted to things like drinking and smoking is bad. So what do I even have to say here? Cut them off! There are many ways, shared by many and different people, of quitting these behaviours and you choose to not try? What gain do you get from excessive drinking and smoking? What have you accomplished through doing these things. Anything in support of such? I really…really…guess there is nothing!

Sure it can be fun to get crazy from occasionally but do you want to spend your life that way? Drunk and high? C’mon there is pretty more to life than getting stuck with such bad addictions. If you can’t get yourself out then seek help. You cannot live a happier life when you spend it being another version of you than your real natural self. You were not born drinking or smoking and neither were you destined for craziness. Don’t you feel that you have a higher purpose in life than that?

“holding on to the valueless is like chasing the wind, it takes you completely nowhere”

A lot of people out here have brought out various evidence that shows that not only are these addictions bad for your normal living but, and this is related to normal living, also they are bad for your health. So why do you hold on to something that is really undeniably worthless? Why do you let yourself not struggle for the ideal? Why do you let such behaviours ruin your supposed-to-be-great life?

I guess all I am trying to say is that holding on to the valueless is like chasing the wind, it takes you completely nowhere. You can never fully make time to work on your ideal when you hold on to unnecessary television. You can never work normally or live a healthier life when you devote yourself to drinking and smoking (and doesn’t good health come first?).

“It is impossible to control your body unless you love it” – Emilio Galindo

All these valueless things come in because you don’t know how to control yourself; your body and its needs. Love yourself not to ruin your time and health holding on to the valueless. Unless you erase the valueless, you can never properly live your ideal life so cut off things that waste your precious time and ruin your priceless health.

Always remember that I want you to live a happier life.

The second part of the third installment in Essentials For A Happier Life. Make sure you read the other installments. Much love!

That’s It, Really.


© Victor Zuze Davies 2018
All Rights Reserved.

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