Essentials For A Happier Life: III. Cut Off The Valueless (Part One)

We last talked in January, I’ve bounced back!

For the most part of our messed up lives we find ourselves clinging on to things that really don’t matter…at all. We find ourselves incarcerated in a web of people and behaviors (or rather habits) that we never realize are not worth our time and effort – all because of our inability to cognize that these things are messing up our ‘supposed-to-be-great’ lives. So sit back, relax and lend me your attentive eyes and mind whilst I try to help you remove such unnecessary things on your journey to happiness. Ready? 1, 2, 3 lets soar en route to a happier life!

“you have to know that much of a person’s outlook on life stems from their own auras”

“No” is the proper word that needs to, ought to, is supposed to and has to come out of your mouth when valueless things call. As afore-hinted, I mean pointless things, things that are not worth your time, that I refer to when I say valueless things. So what are these things that are valueless, pointless, unworthy? I’ll give you a single category, the other one in the part 2 of this same installment:

1. Negative and Demotivating People

We all have that ‘friend’ or a swam of ‘friends’ that we’ve ever wondered (if not always wonder) why we are still rolling with them. Those people who are so negative they try (or rather manage) to hold us back from pursuing our passions. I am talking pessimistic people, people! Those people who act as a hub between laziness and you. Those people who act as your connectors to idleness. Those people who are seers of doom! Those people who would rather see the bad side than the good side of whatever endeavor you try to partake. I think you have a picture.

“oftentimes, negative people are those who have lost the warm feeling of being alive”

Why keep people who do not help, encourage or motivate you? You have to know that much of a person’s outlook on life stems from their own auras. You don’t want to keep a friend who carries themselves with a negative air. Your life is now, live now, cut off the valueless. This is the only life you have to live, don’t spend it with people who are going nowhere! And you only have yourself to blame for that, you choose these people, they are not forced on you. Hey! Even negative family can be cut off! LOL. I could go on and on as there are many instances of such people but hey, you catch my drift, I’m sure.

The point here is; these negative people always hold you back from success or whatever you want to be. They are people who have lost the warm feeling of being alive. Oftentimes, they are people who have lost what it is to be an energetic person and so they try to get you to see things as they see them. You do something, you lose, they say ‘I told you so’ or ‘I knew it’d never work, just leave it be” instead of encouraging you to go on; to fight on. People who want the good for you would never hold you back if they knew that thing was your passion. However, don’t mistaken friendly criticism for negativity but this is a story for another day.

you can never fully live a happy life if you hold on to the valueless”

You have to constantly check your circle and analyze who is being a real friend and who is being a fake one. Constantly ask yourself what important thing do you gain from these other people and see if they are worth keeping in your life. For instance, what do they contribute to your self-growth and actualization? Do they push you to greatness? Do they help you unleash the full potential in you? If your answer is nothing, then ask yourself anew what you’d lose if you cut them off. Again, if the answer is nothing or something less important then I think it’s high time you said ‘adios amigos’ to such people.

Reaching this far, I believe you get that you can never fully live a happy life if you hold on to the valueless. If you want to live a happier and successful life, you have to keep only those who add value to your beloved life, anybody else is not really important. You only have this life, now, this minute, this second, to live. Do you want to live it with the valueless? My sentiments exactly. So cut off the valueless, that way you are one block off to a happier life.

Always remember I want you to live a happier life.

The third installment in Essentials For A Happier Life. Make sure you read the first two installments posted in 2017 and visit next Tuesday for the second and final chunk of this third installment before we get to the fourth essential. Much love!

That’s It, Really.


© Victor Zuze Davies 2018
All Rights Reserved.

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