A Brief New Year’s Note

I hope 2017 has been a good year for you, tell yourself that 2018 must be better.

I have random thoughts (or rather advice) I have to share with you as we get into the new year. 

Note: This is also part of my self-talk 😊

In 2018:

  1. The person you ought to principally aim to not disappoint is you. So live in the moment, listen to your heart and trust your instincts.
  2. Enclothe your life with hardwork, faith, persistence and consistency. You’ll be surprised at how surprisingly surprising the world can be.
  3. Remember that you are your best cheerleader so motivate yourself, don’t await anybody else to do it.
  4. Obliterate self-doubt. You can, you should and you ought to prove your doubters wrong.
  5. Flaunt your talents, share them all with the world, the wait is over!
  6. Remember that the ultimate perfection is the embracement of both your perfections and imperfections. Smile, love yourself…a lot…always.
  7. Nature, that sweet darling, is always there for you. Date your natural surrounding, go on a date with Nature frequently, it’s good for your self-growth and your positivity.
  8. Love others: family, partners, friends and just anybody else. You will learn to love yourself immensely as you love others.

And that’s it folks! There’s so much I could write down but let’s let this be as short as Peter Dinklage.

I wish you a happy, prosperous, productive, adventurous and lovely 2018! Enjoy this Eve! Love you all.

That’s It, Really.

© Victor Zuze Davies 2017.

4 thoughts on “A Brief New Year’s Note

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