Essentials For A Happier Life: II. Count Your Blessings, Be Grateful


Stop with the whimpers! Stop with the freaking complaints!

How many times are we going to kick about the things we do not possess? How long do we have to bollix up our happy moments by feeling down because we ‘are not’ where we think we have to be in life? How much yawping must our souls endure before we take a look at the good things that we are blessed with?

Many a time we fail to be happy in life because we don’t spare ourselves a second to count our blessings. We spend days whimpering, forgetting the priceless life we already have. Sure it is good to be ambitious, to yearn for something more than we have, to crave to be on top of whatever passions we have, but as we do so, we must make it a habit not to lessen the importance of what we already have. Being content with what we have isn’t the same as settling for less. Aspire for more but let not your aspirations blind you to the extent of not seeing what you already have as worthy of all the happiness in the world.

You are alive, doesn’t that count for something? If you are well, healthy, not sick, doesn’t that count for something? What do you see when you visit people in hospitals? Don’t you see that there’s a multitude of others who are really fighting hard just so they can speak, laugh, walk, dance, eat, just as you do? You have a family that loves you, you have friends that love you, there are some people who find you beautiful inside out; who appreciate you, and other people who would very much like to be with you. Isn’t that something to live happily for?

“You owe your life this necessity; gratefulness, for a contented person is a happy person.”

Why don’t you see it as precious that you have a place to live? There are a lot of homeless people out there, why don’t you see that blessing? There’s a battalion of people out there who don’t have anything on their table, those people you see frequenting garbage bins looking for something to fill up their empty stomachs with, and still you can’t be thankful and happy for the life you have? What do you see when you look at your wardrobe? Do you realize that other people have no shoes on their feet? Barely clothes on their body? Do you know that others wear the same clothing each and every day?

Do you realize that the money you have could mean something more to somebody out there? Do you know that somebody else would have loved to have the education you have gotten so far? I won’t go as far as mentioning the ‘flashy’ material belongings that you have. Do you realize that there is a person out there who would give their right arm to have what you have? Pray reconsider your whining today.

Take a look at the minor accomplishments you have, all the small things you have or have had. Look at all the things that ever made you proud of yourself and see if you are not worth the happiness any person can have. Stop comparing your gains with those of others (this’ a story for another day), this is one of the principle things that make us feel unsatisfied with ourselves. Stop complaining for a moment and look at the whole world, you shall see that you deserve to be happy. If you look at the aforementioned suffering people, you will surely agree with me that it’s high time you stopped worrying and started to fill your soul with gaiety.

You owe your life this necessity; gratefulness, for a contented person is a happy person. By being grateful for what you have, by counting your blessings, you will be able to live a happier life. So why don’t you forsake all those complaints and start to appreciate the things you have, even as little as they may be, aren’t the little things what are said to matter the most?

I recommend that you listen to The Easter Brothers’ mellifluous song, ‘Thank You Lord For Your Blessings On Me’, evaluate yourself and be grateful.


The second installment in Essentials For A Happier Life. Much love!

That’s It, Really.


Photo By Yours Faithfully

© Victor Zuze Davies 2017

All Rights Reserved.

15 thoughts on “Essentials For A Happier Life: II. Count Your Blessings, Be Grateful

  1. I guess it’s human nature to want more and more things and to never truly be satisfied which is why we all need to make a conscious effort to be more appreciative for the little things in life and always say thank you to everyone around us and let them know we appreciate them!

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