For The Forsaken II

• For The Forsaken (Stanza 1)

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So unheeded and repulsive do I feel,

 like a little dog forsaken,

Labelled as of Shem’s descent, I stand scant chances of progression,

Blessed with this bitter soil on which my labours are futile,

Like an attempt to catch the wind, crying out to the Man is useless.

This’ the second stanza of ‘For The Forsaken’, I’m still reserving the full poem.

That’s It, Really.


© Victor Zuze Davies 2017

All Rights Reserved.

Behind The Closed Doors: Moan 🔞


sliding his

artistic fingers

down her back whilst

kissing her from her neck down

her cleavage was the only thaumaturgy

he needed to get her enchanting

lips to emit a moan

once, then anew.

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Behind The Closed Doors: Heartbeat


their fiery eyes met

as their heated breaths

scared the goosebumps away,

and in that moment, they listened

to their hearts, beating in synchrony


Third instalment in Behind The Closed Doors.

That’s it, Really.


© Victor Zuze Davies 2017

All Rights Reserved.