Why Be In Love?


With the protectiveness

Of a ghetto tortoise, I inexorably

Warded my lush heart, till from heaven you

Unexpectedly flew down, unthawing my carapace

Red Heart Diaries: Falling’

Many a time have I sat down with friends, both male and female, and discussed whether being in love is necessary or not. The question under discussion has always been “Why don’t people think it proper to be in love?”

My findings have been that most people think being in love is stupid, or pointless as The Weeknd mentions in “Tell Your Friends”. I’m always of the view that being in love is the best thing out here. Why? Read on. I hope this brief post will benefit someone who has negative views on love as those forementioned.

Honestly, for all of you who have ever been in love for real, you know that being in love is a good experience. It’s just that things get nasty when we lose love by getting disappointed through break ups, unreciprocated love and the like. But it’s the fact that there are heartaches in love that sets it apart as a very distinctive experience.

Everything we feel in this world is connected to love. However, I’m not talking about love for your parents, friends or relatives, I’m talking about love for the significant other. Nobody can deny that they once shed a tear (well, maybe not shedding a tear, but feeling sad and low) for having lost someone they truly loved. That shows that love is not stupid, it is necessity that is ever present and it is a part of our day-to-day life.

Back to our topic’s focus, although being in love is seen as a weakness, it is one of the strongest – and perhaps the uppermost of all – strengths we can have. By being in love, we give our hearts to the other and we break all the walls around it to put it in a place where it can be trampled upon.

“Once we allow ourselves to fall in love, we are taking a risk and aren’t risks taken by strong people only?”

To elaborate, being in love is a show of the greatest of strengths. To be able to love and be in love is being strong for we surely know that we can be hurt and disappointed but we choose to take that risk. Being in love means having our feelings put out there to be affected by the significant other’s feelings, words and actions.

Maybe you have been hurt before by (or should I say because of) love. Maybe you just don’t feel like putting your heart out there. You want to protect your tender heart. You are not strong enough to let someone in. You are not prepared to be heartbroken (again). And so you choose to let love pass and call it pointless and stupid. You cannot accept that you are just afraid of being in love (anew).

Or maybe you have never been in love before. You hear and see people being heartbroken so you choose to guard ward your lush heart. You choose to deny yourself the pains of unreciprocated love. This I ask you, how do you get to know if something is bad or not without trying it out? Don’t other people enjoy the same love that you think is just a source of heartaches?

So, do you accept the fear in you? Isn’t fear just as a mere thought construction (since it doesn’t live unless you plant it in your mind?) Are you not capable of showing your strength by being in love (again)? What makes being in love a good adventure is its nature of involving our strength of heart. Once we allow ourselves to be in love, we are taking a risk and aren’t risks taken by strong people only?

So what is better? Being strong enough to be in love or weakly dodging it in fear of being heartbroken? Isn’t life better when we take risks? Isn’t being able to take risks a great way of living your life? What would be satisfactory between doing something and watching others do it? Imagine the triumph that comes with overcoming fears!

I for one would rather do ‘something’ than wonder around it or merely spectate. We can never be in love if we are so protective of our hearts to the extent of letting a life-bettering experience pass us by. In the words of Bob Moawad “You can’t leave footprints in the sands of time if you’re sitting on your butt…and who wants to leave buttprints in the sands of time?” Don’t just spectate whilst others enjoy love, be the actor.

I guess what I intended to say is clear; be strong enough to fall in love, be in love, and when it doesn’t work out, try again until you get it right.



This is a random opinion and so it’s 100% open for debate. I champion love, do you?

That’s it, Really.

Have a blessed weekend!


Image Credit: Google Images

Victor Zuze Davies 2017

All Rights Reserved.

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