Black Excellence

Dripping with melanin like a waterfall,

Is this magnificence that is my skin,

Thick are its layers as is my soul,

The verticality of my hair matches my values,

The deep beauty that is my eye colour,

Marries the earth on which I stand.

In An Instagram Picture




A six line excerpt from my ‘Black Excellence’ poem, aimed at promoting black consciousness.

That’s it, Really.


© Victor Zuze Davies 2017

All Rights Reserved.

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7 thoughts on “Black Excellence

  1. Oh how I love my Melanin! This is the perfect personification of people of Colour.. I dislike the term “Black” to be honest, it doesn’t describe any type of skin.. it is a colour. Melanin is closer to gold, absorbs the sun’s greatness, vivacious energies! Oh this is indeed excellent!

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